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Just like our infrastructure, our pricing is both developer and enterprise-friendly
Up to 1,000 MAU 
1 App ID
Single On-Ramp (or geo) 
No social log ins auth integrations

$0 / mo

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Up to 15,000 MAU
Up to 3 App Ids
Multi (or global) On-Ramp
Default social logins upto 2,000 users
 $x / KMAU > 15,000

$99 / mo

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More MAU
More App Ids
Multi (or global) On-Ramp
Custom auth integrations
And more...
Unlimited access keys
Higher requests quotas
Higher rate limits
Dedicated resources
Private network infrastructure
Engineering team support
And more...
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To use Casper node proxy, get a key with a suitable plan.
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